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What You Need To Know For Winter House Hunting

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

While searching for a home in the winter isn’t very much fun at times, house-hunting in less-than-ideal conditions can show you things you can’t always see on a warm, sunny day. Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to find during this time of year.

Winter Weather Can Help You See Hidden Flaws

Even if you don’t love the cold, damp and rainy PNW winter, it can help you see flaws that you may not see in the warmth of summer. Maybe the windows are drafty or there is a major loss in privacy when the trees are bare from the cold. A leaky roof or basement can be spotted easier this time of year with all the rain we get. It will also help you to love your home for its’ bones, and only love it more when warmer seasons arrive bringing flowers, grass, and colorful foliage.

Photos Can Help Fill In The Blanks

It can be hard to picture what a backyard, deck or patio oasis looks like when it is covered in snow or in a dormant state. This is where photos can save the day. Whether they are listing photos or images from previous owners, seeing certain parts of the home in better weather may check the final box for a home you are falling in love with.

Know How To Handle Features Unavailable In The Winter

If that pool (not so common in our area unless part of a condo community) or hot tub you fell in love with isn’t operational in the winter, you can request the seller share recent inspection and maintenance reports.

The Form 17, Seller Disclosure is filled out by the seller and provided to the buyer to provide information about any known or repaired issues with the home. It’s not always accurate due to various reasons. Hidden or unseen problems, the home was a rental only might be the reason something wasn’t disclosed. Getting a good Home Inspection after getting in contract will alleviate stress and allow you to make better informed decisions. Your Real Estate Agent should also be able to alert you to any thing that might be an issue, especially if you are remotely purchasing a home while living in another area. I often do FaceTime or Messenger showings. Financing types dictate what condition the house needs to be in too.

If you have any questions or topics you want to read more about? Feel free to contact me, I am here to help!

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